Graham Greene

Graham Greene was born at Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada, June 22, 1952. After working at several jobs that included draughting, high steel work, welding, carpentry and audio engineering, he took up acting. He traveled to England and South America where he performed in, and taught, theatre.

His many stage credits include The CrackwalkerJessicaHistory of the Village of the Small Huts and DY Lips Oughtta Move Kapuskasing, for which Greene won the Dora Maver Moore Award for Best Actor.

Greene then co-starred in Dances With Wolves, which garnered an Oscar nomination. Since then, his many film credits include Die Hard With A VengeanceNorthGreen MileMaverick and Snow Dogs.

Among his many television credits include are Exhibit ARocket ScienceWolf LakeThe Red Green ShowNorth of Sixty and Dudley the Dragon, which earned Greene two Gemini awards.

Greene was also the recipient of several Best Actor awards for his roles in SkinsThe Education of Little Tree and Northern Exposure, at the First Americans in the Arts Film Awards, as well as Best Actor at the Japan Film Festival for Skins, and a Grammy for his narration work with Winton Marsalis and Kate Winslet in Listen to the Story Teller.

Greene resides outside of Toronto with his wife, Hilary, and a small army of cats, where he continues to write, build boats and continue working in the entertainment industry.

Recent projects include Buffalo DreamsSpirit BearThe New BeachcombersInto the West and Phil the Alien.

Governor Douglas H. Johnston

Douglas H. Johnston was the first Chickasaw governor to be appointed by the president of the United States (1906). He served as governor for more than 30 years, until his death in 1939.

Gov. Johnston’s administration had several legal victories that helped the Chickasaw Nation regain prosperity.

About the Chickasaw Nation